How to Reduce Your Facility’s Heating & Cooling Costs

According to, the average commercial facility spends 30% of its total energy consumption on heating, cooling, and ventilation. For less efficient buildings or facilities with specialty conditioning needs, that figure can be even higher. At JK Mechanical, one of … Continued

How to Troubleshoot Common Plumbing Problems

Part of the benefit of scheduling routine, professional maintenance is the opportunity to identify and solve small problems before they turn into a bigger—and more costly—issue. Over time, however, normal wear and tear on your plumbing system, equipment, and fixtures … Continued

HVAC Terms You Should Know

  AHRI. SEER. BTU. No, this isn’t Wordle, just a few HVAC-related terms and acronyms you might see on your JK work order or proposal during the process of repair or getting an estimate for a new HVAC system. Understanding … Continued

Five Benefits of Solar PV

If only 0.0005% of the earth were covered with solar energy systems, we could power the entire planet.  Powering your home or business with solar PV offers a number of benefits to your home or facility, finances, sustainability, and more. … Continued

Quality Assurance Contractor

JK Mechanical is pleased to announced that we are now an ACCA Quality Assurance Contractor verified by EnergyStar and the ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America).  This certification allows HVAC contractors to install systems in new home construction projects that … Continued

How to Troubleshoot Common AC Problems

At JK Mechanical, we believe in working together through regular maintenance, expert service, and smart system design to try and prevent problems before they start, or catch a small issue before it turns into a bigger—and more costly—issue. And while … Continued

How to Extend the Life of your HVAC System

A new heating and cooling system is one of the most important investments you make in your home, so it makes sense—environmentally as well as financially! —to do what we can to help keep your HVAC system in good, safe … Continued

4 Smart Swaps to Make Your Facility More Sustainable

Though we love to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, there is never a bad time to review the sustainability of your facility. In addition to the environmental benefits of reducing your facility’s footprint, many sustainable swaps also reduce operating … Continued