Benefits of Makeup Air Part 2

Last week, we discussed just a few of the benefits of adding a Make-Up Air Unit to your commercial or industrial HVAC design. Today, we continue reviewing more great benefits as well as highlighting a recent design/build project that included … Continued

Benefits of Makeup Air Part 1

Broadly speaking, a MAU, or Make-Up Air Unit, is a category of HVAC unit designed for use in commercial and industrial applications. In addition to providing high-efficiency heating, Make-Up Air Units provide necessary ventilation, pressurization, and indoor air quality benefits … Continued

5 Easy Ways to Cut Heating Costs This Winter

Are you dreading winter? Or just the increased heating costs? According to the EPA, heat is one of the largest utility bills homeowners face, averaging around 40% of a typical home’s utility expenses. Follow these five easy steps to help … Continued

How Much Does a Heat Pump Replacement Cost?

The short answer? It depends. We know, it’s kind of a trick question. However, each and every home, system, and family will have different wants, needs, and limitations that can significantly impact the amount you can expect to pay for … Continued

6 Safety Steps to Practice at Home

At JK Mechanical, we know that the safety of your family and home is your top priority. National Preparedness Month (NPM) is recognized each September to promote disaster planning now and throughout the year. Read on to learn more about … Continued

5 Top Benefits of a Commercial Planned Maintenance Agreement

JK Mechanical offers reliable, 24/7 emergency commercial heating and cooling service. But like a tune-up and yearly inspection for your car, performing regular maintenance and service on heating, cooling, ventilation, and humidification systems is an important part keeping your building—and … Continued

Proactive Design: Humidity Control part 2

When we refer to “Proactive Design,” we’re talking about elements of maintenance and design that work to either prevent problems before they begin, or to identify and solve small problems early, before they escalate into bigger—aka more inconvenient and expensive—problems. … Continued