How Generators Can Protect Your Home Year Round:

When we are a new homeowner, during those first few weeks, our focus is on things that make us feel safe in our new house so it can become a home. Putting in safety and security measures to minimize future problems. For me personally, a generator was not something I thought of right away to be on my list. Maybe you were that way too. Perhaps you have been living in your current home for 10 or 15 years. Throughout that time, you’ve lost power and had to bring out your battery flashlights and candlesticks or missed the most important part of your show. These are small inconveniences but the big ones are the ones to worry about. From the smallest to the biggest problems an investment in a generator can prevent these and protect your home. To learn about these problems and more about generators in general continue reading below! I will simplify what a generator is, and summarize common issues you could face with summer storms and ice in the winter to protect your home inside and out all year round.

So, lets start with the basics, what is a generator? More specifically what is an automatic standby generator. Automatic standby generators are an electrical back-up system that automatically transfers the electrical load from the homes circuits in the case of a power outage. In other words, when your power goes out, the generators will switch on and turn the power back on automatically. You don’t have to do a thing!

Many people only think about their power going out when it comes to losing electricity during a storm, however, there are many other problems that may occur. It’s the things that can come alongside your power going out that many forget about.

  • Sump Pump Failure:

Numerous homes in Pennsylvania have sump pumps. During loss of power your sump pump may not activate and be able to pump the excess water out causing your basement to flood.


  • Wasted Food:

During a winter storm, your power could go out. With ice on the roads or large amounts of snow a technician may not be able to get to your house to fix it for a few days. Or perhaps you are away on vacation and you are not aware the power has gone out. Without power the food in your fridge and freezer could spoil costing you hundreds of dollars in wasted food!


  • Medical Equipment Failure:

A number of homeowners also have at home medical equipment that are battery operated. If you cannot charge those devices disaster could strike!


These are all things you don’t think will happen to you but could in this weird climate area we call Pennsylvania. A generator will automatically turn on and save you and your home from all of those problems. It gives you peace of mind for any electrical situation that may happen with your house. Here at JK Mechanical we also install two UPS battery backups with the purchase of a new generator. This means that even if your power goes out and the generator starts, you won’t lose even one second of internet or power on any device using the battery backup. You will barely know the power went out!

Whether you are a new homeowner or have been a homeowner for years, if you want to protect your home going forward, a generator is an amazing resource and investment for that. As you plan to protect your home this summer, the heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical experts at JK Mechanical are here to help. Contact us today for assistance.

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