Heating & Cooling Maintenance

A new heating and cooling system is a big investment. That’s why we recommend regular maintenance to help extend the life of your system. When equipment is maintained on a regular basis, minor adjustments will not turn into unexpected, major repairs. Our trained and certified technicians will inspect, adjust, analyze, test and clean your equipment – top to bottom, inside and out.

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America agrees that scheduling maintenance, inspections, and remediation of HVAC systems helps keep the environment and your home clean. Regular and scheduled upkeep improves and extends the life and efficiency of the equipment as well as encourages clean, healthy air, decreases utility costs, protects from sudden failures.

Our Precision Tune-up includes, but is not limited to:

  • Precision inspection and cleaning of furnace or boiler, including nozzle, oil filter and pump strainer (where applicable)
  • Thermostat operation and accuracy inspection
  • Testing of refrigerant charge
  • Cleaning and inspecting indoor and outdoor coils
  • Analyzing temperatures across evaporator and/or heat exchanger
  • Testing and cleaning condensation drain lines and pump
  • Inspection of wires, terminals, belts, vents and safety controls
  • Verify correct voltage and amperage on motors & compressors

To keep your machine fully protected and maintained, our JK Mechanical Comfort Agreement plans come standard with discounted repairs, priority service, and more. See the full list of benefits that come with these plans.

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