JK Mechanical offers reliable, 24/7 emergency commercial heating and cooling service. But like a tune-up and yearly inspection for your car, performing regular maintenance and service on heating, cooling, ventilation, 

and humidification systems is an important part keeping your building—and its occupants—comfortable. A Planned Maintenance Agreement from JK Mechanical offers a wide variety of benefits than can impact resident comfort, building performance, and operating costs for years to come.

Better Comfort & Reliability

Routine professional maintenance is an essential part of keeping your building’s HVAC systems operating well. According to the Department of Energy, even a dirty filter can increase static pressure and decrease AC performance by as much as 10%. A well-maintained system is much less likely to experience a sudden breakdown, leaving your facility in the lurch. Consistent, comfortable indoor air temperature and quality impacts clients, tenants, and employees.

For office buildings, this bears out in the numbers: Workplace performance increases with temperatures up to between 69.8 degrees and 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a study published July 2006. A Cornell University study conducted in 2004 found that chilly workers make more errors and potentially increase a worker’s hourly labor cost by 10 percent.

Reduced Operating Costs

Normal dirt and dust buildup in addition to typical wear and tear can cause your unit to work harder to heat, cool, and filter. When your unit is working harder, it consumes more energy, driving your utility costs up. According to the Department of Energy, air-conditioning alone accounts for 35% of energy consumption on average for commercial buildings. A clean, well-maintained system can reduce your heating and air conditioning costs by as much as 30%.

Service Discount

One of the benefits of a JK Planned Maintenance Agreement is a discount on service calls, should a repair be needed. Depending on the terms of your agreement, this can save as much as 10% off of labor.

Priority Service

A reality of the heating and cooling industry is that service calls tend to happen at the most inconvenient time: we see a greatly increased call volume during the first few heat waves of summer, and during the first cold snap of autumn. At JK Mechanical, we do our best to serve each and every one of our clients quickly and reliably and offer 24/7 Emergency Service to make that happen. However, during peak service periods, we prioritize emergency service calls from our agreement clients, getting your system heating and cooling again with as little downtime as possible.

Preventative Fixes

Finally, regular Planned Maintenance appointments give JK Mechanical’s trained and experienced technicians the opportunity to check and calibrate your entire HVAC system. While it may be tempting to “set it and forget it,” regular maintenance allows your technician to identify and stop minor issues before they become bigger—and more expensive—problems.


When it comes to commercial applications, no two systems are exactly alike. At JK Mechanical, we offer commercial Planned Maintenance agreements tailored to the specific needs of your HVAC equipment, your facility, and schedule. Our technicians have the skills and knowledge to keep your mechanical systems running smoothly, efficiently, and reliably. We offer comprehensive commercial and industrial HVAC services to businesses throughout the Central Pennsylvania area.


What’s included in a Planned Maintenance Visit? Click here to view the full task list.