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JK Mechanical provides smart energy solutions for our commercial customers.


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Professional Commercial Services

JK Mechanical is your single source for a full range of commercial services to improve and protect the smooth operation of your facility.  We target smart energy solutions that trim costs while improving safety, comfort, convenience, and productivity.  Call on us at 717-925-8934 for commercial plumbing, and HVAC services in Lancaster County and surrounding areas, and we’ll always answer with the right professional for the job.We are now an Energy Star Quality Assured Contractor per the ACCA.

JK Mechanical handles design/build or retrofit projects, seasonal maintenance, and repair, and our fully licensed and certified technicians are on-call 24/7 across Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, Reading, West Chester & Coatesville, PA.  As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, our team is trained to exacting levels, remains current in advancing technology, and customizes recommendations and services to suit.  By combining a wide range of expert services, we ensure a more convenient and rewarding process.


One of the most comfortable and cost-effective HVAC options, hydronic systems are both versatile and economical.  Suited to almost any style of facility, hydronic radiant systems circulate water through tubing, heating surfaces rather than the air.  This creates greater comfort, more evenly distributed temperature control and healthier indoor air quality. There is no need for ductwork, no disruptive operational sounds, and zone control is easily achieved and managed.  Providing comfort no matter what the outside temperature brings, hydronic systems deliver savings on energy bills while optimizing the indoor environment.


JK Mechanical provides smart energy solutions for our commercial customers. We offer HVAC system design, installation, seasonal maintenance, and repair, always targeting optimum comfort, air quality, and energy efficiency.  Through customized solutions to your requirements, we deliver greater reliability and system longevity, while significantly trimming operational costs.  With regular upkeep, we protect the value of your investment, addressing minor issues before they disrupt your workday, lead to safety issues, or cause further damage.  JK Mechanical adheres to strict levels of professionalism, handling your heating and cooling needs with organized job sites, quick turnaround, and turnkey solutions.

Building Automation

Let JK Mechanical simplify the operation of your facility with a building automation system.  Incorporating mechanical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, we allow easier access and put you in complete control, from one central system.  By monitoring essential equipment from on or off the premises, you’ll catch and address problems quickly, trim costs, maximize efficiency, and improve the security, productivity, and value of your business. We further offer an eMonitor system specifically targeted towards energy usage, which utilizes effective tools to help you trim monthly utility bills by up to 25%.  Our licensed technicians offer customized recommendations, seamlessly install your building automation system, and address any technical difficulties you may experience.


JK Mechanical draws from 1979 years of experience to custom design, properly implement, and service geothermal systems.  Commercial facilities taking advantage of this free, on-site and green energy source not only reduce their carbon footprint but significantly trim energy usage and costs.  These systems are clean, unobtrusive, quiet, safe, and can potentially trim up 70% on heating, cooling, and water heating bills.  And because the equipment requires minimal maintenance, operates longer, and doubles the lifespan of conventional HVAC equipment, you’ll quickly recover the initial investment and add value to your property.  Whether you’re interested in installation, or looking for seasonal maintenance or repair, JK Mechanical is here to handle your project quickly and to higher standards of quality.


JK Mechanical helps you switch from traditional utility sources to solar powered electricity.  Our skilled and highly trained technicians determine the optimum strategy for solar panel installation and complete your project quickly and without disruption or damage.  With 45 years of experience as a leading solar installer in Lancaster County and surrounding areas, we effectively harness natural energy and deliver low-maintenance, clean, renewable, and cost-saving solutions to meet the needs of your operation.  Contact us at 717-925-8934 to learn more about how you can increase property value, reduce Co2 emissions, and profit from creating more energy than you’re consuming.  We offer free analyses to determine whether solar is right for your facility.


JK Mechanical makes your vision a reality.  Providing complete commercial design and build service, our team of professionals combine expertise to ensure your commercial HVAC, solar, or geothermal system meets your specifications and long-range goals. Know that we put our experience to work for you, completing the most complex projects with swift turnaround, cost-effective strategies, innovative design, and meticulous installation procedures.  Top quality products and materials ensure reliability and energy efficiency, and our attention to detail optimizes overall performance, aesthetics, and ease of management.  Let us work with you, and we’ll provide a smooth process with outstanding results.

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