5 Reasons to Install a Standby Generator at Construction

Earlier this month, we discussed the benefits of having backup power protection in your home or facility, from portable generators to whole-home, automatic standby generators. While there’s never a bad time to add a standby generator, if you are in the process or considering building a new home, it can be practically and financially beneficial to add the generator now, rather than retrofitting it later. Continue reading for five good reasons to have a generator installed during your building process:

1.      20% Less Time to Install

While this depends based on factors such as the type of fuel used for your generator and your existing electrical situation, a typical generator retrofit takes less than two days. That said, when the generator can be added during the construction process, less time is usually needed for install because we have easier access to the electrical wiring and panel, and more options for location for the transfer switch. This saved time translates into savings on the job.

2.      Avoid Additional Permit & Inspection Costs

Another way to save on your generator install by installing at new construction is because avoids needing to pull a second set of permits. While this varies by municipality, a permit is required for almost every generator retrofit, and in some areas can run more than $500 with the inspection. Since permits are already being filed for your new home build, adding a generator to the project generally doesn’t typically add any additional permitting costs to your bottom line.

3.      Enjoy a Less Disruptive Install

At JK Mechanical, we pride ourselves on making the generator (and HVAC, or solar, or plumbing) installation process as quick and painless as possible. However, the reality of installation means that even the most efficient and courteous team will cause some disruption. Because your standby generator is tied directly into your home electric, your home’s power will need to be shut down for 2-5 hours, depending on the install. Since no one is living at the new construction home at the time of install, that disruption isn’t a factor at all.

4.      Ability to Roll the Cost of the Generator into the Mortgage

When installed as part of your new build and billed through your builder, your Generac generator investment can be rolled into your mortgage. While we do offer several great financing options for generator retrofits, many clients appreciate not having to take on separate billing.

5.      Have More Options for Placement and Landscaping

An automatic standby generator has two major components: the generator itself and a transfer switch. While the transfer switch can be installed indoors or outdoors depending on the layout and application, generators will always be installed outdoors with safe setbacks for ventilation. Most JK Generator clients choose to have their generator on the side of their home, near their air conditioner or heat pump. However, since you’re typically designing your landscaping from scratch with a new home, that can offer some more flexibility in where your Generator will work and look the best, or at least will eliminate any new landscaping costs (such as leveling, reseeding, or adding cover).


Our experienced, Generac-trained electricians specialize in custom home power solutions to help your clients protect the investment they’ve made in their new home. JK Mechanical is ready to help, from install to maintenance for years to come. Contact us today to talk to Jason and request your complimentary, no-pressure estimate.




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