What to Expect from your JK Planned Maintenance Appointment

Routine, professional planned maintenance is one of the best things you can do to extend the life of your HVAC equipment, improve indoor air quality, reduce operating costs, and upgrade occupant comfort. At JK Mechanical, we offer customized Planned Maintenance Agreements to suit any size facility, equipment, and budget. While the scope of a Planned Maintenance visit will vary based on the needs of your facility and the type of equipment present, here is what you can expect from your JK Planned Maintenance appointment:

Schedule Your Visit

One of the great benefits of a Commercial Planned Maintenance Agreement is scheduling reminders. When your facility is due for your next appointment, Commercial Service Dispatcher Stacie will give you a call or send an email and schedule an appointment at your convenience. During that call, Stacie will confirm:

  • Business hours and/or preferred time of day or day of the week for your appointment
  • The access door, check-in point, parking spot, and/or door code you would like us to use
  • If you would like a call when the technician is on their way
  • How you would like the service notes and billing to be sent
  • Any other facility information you’d like us to be aware of, such as COVID-19 precautions

We keep this information on file, so it’s available for your next appointment. This is also a good time to let us know of any comfort issues you are aware of, so that the technician can follow up at the appointment.

Technician Arrives On-Site

When the technician arrives on site, they will check in per their work order instructions and begin the Planned Maintenance Task List for your equipment. At your first Planned Maintenance appointment, it can be helpful to have a staff member direct our team to the mechanical room or other areas where the equipment is located.

Equipment Is Cleaned, Serviced, and Inspected

Depending on the size, variety, age, and access of the equipment on site, your Planned Maintenance Appointment can take anywhere from 90 minutes to a full day and more. The tasks and tools required for each piece of equipment will vary significantly, but common tasks include:

  • Inspection of panels, hardware, electrical contacts, and service disconnects
  • Changing and/or cleaning air filters and humidifier pads
  • For compressors, checking and recording the amp draw, water pressure, and temperature splits
  • For blowers, checking belts, pulleys, sheaves, and bearings, and replacing as necessary
  • Testing limits, cut-offs, ignitors, and flow switches

This is just a small sample of what your trained and experienced JK technician will do to ensure your equipment is in good, safe working condition.

After the Visit

After the task list has been completed for each piece of HVAC equipment at your facility, your JK technician will clean up their workspace and compile their notes on the service. If the technician found any areas of concern or if they have recommendations for improvements, they will communicate those to the contact on-site and/or add them to their service notes. When the notes are complete, they will email them to the contact on file as well for your records. If you have questions about your service or the information found in the notes, please don’t hesitate to give our office a call and we will be happy to review with you.


Like a tune-up and yearly inspection for your car, performing regular maintenance and service on heating, cooling, ventilation, and humidification systems is an important part of keeping your building—and its occupants—comfortable. A Planned Maintenance Agreement from JK Mechanical offers a wide variety of benefits than can impact occupant comfort, building performance, and operating costs for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about Planned Maintenance and to request your free, no-pressure maintenance estimate.


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