National Preparedness Month

September 12th, 2013 by admin

As we mentioned last week, September is National Preparedness Month. When we consider preparation for unforeseen disasters, an Automatic Standby Generator can provide valuable security against the loss of provisions, medicines, comfort and safety.

Automatic Standby Generators – Provide security and peace-of-mind. PA had 611 power outages during 2012 that affected nearly 2.5 million people. Power outages are often unpredictable, catching us of guard. They happen due to weather, accidents, and power company equipment failure and often the duration of the outage is unknown. An Automatic Standby Generator offers a higher level of protection than the traditional portable generator.  An automatic generator works even when you’re not home. That means you’re never without lights, heat or air conditioning and your main appliances like the refrigerator, freezer, sump pump will all continue to work. For those with well water, a standby generators means having the water you need.

With a Standby Generator there’s no set-up needed when an emergency strikes. The unit is set up to a permanent fuel source, propane or natural gas and comes on and off automatically supplying your home with power. Click here to learn more about the benefits of an Automatic Standby Generator and see our fall promotions.

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