At JK Mechanical, we are dedicated to providing reliable and affordable solutions to keep you and your family comfortable for years. Depending on your location, property type (residential primary residence vs. commercial or rental, for example), utility company, and appliances, you may qualify for rebates through the mail after your installation is fully paid.

Our aim is to make the rebate process as easy as possible. For new system installations, your JK Comfort Consultant will note eligible rebates on your proposal so that you can make an informed decision during the equipment selection process. After the installation, your JK Sales Coordinator will file the rebate on your behalf if you request. For service installations, such as select EnergyStar tankless water heaters, the JK Billing department will also file for the rebate on your behalf, with your permission. Moreover, if your system is eligible for Federal Tax Credits, they can be combined with your local utility rebates.

Please feel free to contact us today or ask your consultant or service technician for more information at the time of your quote.

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