Water Quality Tests

Bring Better Water into Your Home

Nothing is more important than the health and comfort of your family. If you’re not satisfied with the type or taste of your water, JK Mechanical can help.

Our certified staff will test your water for FREE, and if needed, help you select the right system to improve quality and purity to the water in your home.

We provide solutions to common water problems

Hardness Hard water scale build-up damages all water-using appliances and clogs plumbing
Excessive minerals (TDS) Total dissolved solids leave a dull residue on all washable surfaces
Low pH Acidic water eats away at pipes, appliances, water heaters and boilers
Iron Red stains appear on sinks and tubs and water has unpleasant taste
Bacteria, Nitrates Presence can cause serious illness
Hydrogen sulfide gas Causes rotten egg odor


Ultra-violet Purifiers
This is the most natural way to destroy bacteria in your water. UV energy is a chemical-free method that works like concentrated sunlight to destroy many harmful micro-organisms at point-of-entry.

Acid Neutralizers
When the pH level in your water is too low, it can corrode plumbing pipes and fixtures. Our neutralizers correct problems associated with highly acidic water, bringing better water to your family.

Filtration Systems
Water problems vary. That’s why JK Mechanical uses a large variety of filtration equipment to offer only the best solution. From carbon, to sediment, to iron filters, we can solve any water contamination problem.

Reverse Osmosis Systems
For cleaner, better tasting water, we recommend a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System. An RO system is the most convenient and efficient way to remove contaminants and impurities. Using a four-stage, state-of-the-art certified system, JK Mechanical can restore clean, fresh-tasting water to your home.

The hardness of water varies by geographic areas. For example, rural in-ground water supplies and municipal water systems within the same county can have different water hardness problems. Water softeners in combination with filters, neutralizers and reverse osmosis systems can meet the most challenging problems.


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