Winter Heating Tips

December 12th, 2013 by admin

Now that the winter weather has arrived, there are some things you can do to keep your Heating System In tip top shape.

JK Mechanical Winter HVAC Heating Tips Article

  • Clean Filters – Regardless of the season, clean filters are a vital part of a system’s efficiency. Regularly check and replace dirty filters. Most 1” thick filters should be replaced every three months.
  • Registers – If your home has both high and low return air registers on the walls, this is the time of year to close the high registers and open the lower registers.
  • Clearing Debris – While doing leaf removal, it is important to make sure the leaves around your outdoor unit are cleared away from under and around your unit.
  • Trimming Shrubs – If you have plants or shrubbery planted around your outdoor unit, it is good to prune back the shrubbery to allow for adequate airflow around the unit. Generally, you want at least 12” clearance on three sides of the unit.
  • Properly Defrosted Outdoor Unit – For those who have heat pump systems, it is normal for the outdoor unit to accumulate frost on the sides of the unit during operation. The frost is due to atmospheric conditions. The unit should periodically go through a defrost cycle to remove this frost. If your unit accumulates significant buildup of frost/ice and it does not clear itself, please contact our service department to have your system checked.
  • Appropriate Temperature Settings –  For heat pump systems, it is not recommended to set back temperatures more than two-to-three degrees when not home. The energy it takes to recover significant set-backs offsets any savings that are intended by setting the temperature back.
  • Clearing Snow – In an accumulating snowfall, it is recommended that the snow be cleared away from the sides of a heat pump to allow for adequate airflow through the unit.
  • Proper Ventilation – With accumulated snow fall, it is critical that the vent terminations for gas furnaces and gas water heaters are cleared of snow. Failure to do this may result in buildup of harmful carbon monoxide gas inside your home or failure of the equipment to run. 
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