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September 11th, 2014 by admin

JK Mechanical Air Conditioner AC Properly Functioning ArticleAn air conditioner’s only job is to keep your home cool, and your family comfortable. However, sometimes air conditioners stop functioning properly and begin to blow warm or hot air. After a long day at work, the last thing you want to come home to is a hot and sticky house. It’s important to know how to fix this problem if it happens to you. There are a few steps to take when your air conditioner isn’t working before calling an expert.


Check The Settings

First thing, check the settings on your air conditioner. The problem may be something as simple as hitting the switch for “heat” instead of hitting the switch for “cool.” If this is the case, just simply flip the switch back to the cool setting and wait for the air conditioner to run properly.


The Condenser and Compressor 

The condenser and the compressor are located in the outside unit of your air conditioner. The power compressor needs to be switched on, because without it your air conditioner could be running from the inside air handler, but the air coming out won’t be cool. Debris, leaves, twigs, or other items may block the condenser coils, so you need to check that to the air intakes on the system are clear. Blockage can prevent proper cooling.


Clogged Air Filter 

A clogged filter doesn’t usually doesn’t prevent the air conditioner from filtering cool air into your home, but it can effect the efficiency that can create improper cooling if left long enough without a proper cleaning or changing. You can easily change an air filter in your air conditioner on your own.


Refrigerant Problems

Some problems may need the help of a professional. A low refrigerant charge can lead to lack of cool air output, or a complete halt of cool air.  Refrigerant problems can stem from compressor problems or leaks that are best addressed by professionals.


A warm blowing air conditioner isn’t what you need for your home this summer, and here at JK Mechanical, we understand that. If your air conditioner isn’t working properly, call an expert or consider a new and improved installation with JK Mechanical.

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