What to Expect During Your Facility’s HVAC System Replacement

Whether your current system is driving up your facility’s utility bills or maybe your organization wants to explore the new tax incentives available for efficiency and renewable energy improvements, it may be time to consider replacing your building’s HVAC system. So: what’s the process like? When you choose JK Mechanical for your HVAC installation and service needs, you get a team of trained and experienced professionals to help walk you through the process from beginning to end. Here’s what you can expect when you’re expecting a new comfort system for your facility:

First, talk to Stacie

Stacie Drebenstedt has been an integral part of the JK Commercial Service Team since 2014 helping coordinate schedules, order parts, and care for our clients. When you call or email the JK office or request a quote online, Stacie will gather some basic information about your facility and equipment (if you’re not an existing Commercial Maintenance Agreement Client) and pass that along to JK Comfort Consultant Ryan Kelly so he is prepared for your on-site assessment.

Next, Schedule Your Free On-Site Assessment

Just as no two businesses or no two churches are the same, no two HVAC systems are identical, even if on paper they use the same type of equipment. After getting information from Stacie, Commercial HVAC Comfort Consultant Ryan Kelly will reach out to schedule a site visit at your convenience so he can inspect your existing equipment, layout, access, and more.

While other mechanical companies may be willing to offer a ballpark quote over the phone or install from a set list of one-size-fits-all systems, we feel it’s essential to visit the site and inspect the condition and layout of your facility as well as the existing equipment, all of which will affect the type of system we recommend and the materials needed to complete a successful, reliable install you can count on for years to come. Plus, if you have any concerns about the way your existing equipment is (or is not!) meeting your needs or if you have questions about related issues such as humidity, air purification, ventilation, and more, now is a great time to discuss with Ryan so he can take that into consideration when preparing your estimate.

Sign & Submit Your Contract

Talk over your JK proposal with your team members and your JK Comfort Consultant. When you’re ready to proceed, you can let Ryan or Stacie know, and they’ll make arrangements to collect a signed version of your contract and indicate any options you have selected. If this is your first time working with JK Mechanical, we may ask for a credit application or down payment in order to place your equipment on order. Ryan or Stacie will provide all the details you need to know at the time your contract is


Schedule Your Installation

Once JK has received your signed contract and any necessary financial paperwork, HVAC Project Manager Martin King or Dave Harnish will confirm the expected ship date of your equipment and contact you to reserve space in the schedule. Depending on the size and type of the equipment needed, lead time for equipment can be as much as 10 months out, which is why we strongly encourage our clients to consider replacing their system before it completely gives out and we are scrambling for emergency availability.

At this time, your project manager will also give you an idea of how long you can expect the install to take place, and if we need anything from you such as rooms to be cleared before work can begin. This is also a great time to let your project manager know any details you’d like our team to be aware of before arriving on site, such as building access, parking restrictions, and more.

During Install

Once they arrive, if you are on site, the foreman will review the schedule with you and what to expect during the installation. As this all varies from install to install, we’ll do our best to give you a clear picture of what to expect.

Depending on the type of equipment being installed and the layout of your facility (such as how much equipment you have on site), your facility or the portion of your facility affected may need to be without power, water, or heat for varying lengths of time. Your JK project manager or comfort consultant is always available during installation to assist in coordinating the necessary elements of install with as little interruption to you, your team, or residents as possible.

Before We LeaveMartin King

Your installers will take some time before leaving to pack up all of their tools, sweep and clean the install area, and do our best to leave your site better than we found it. If applicable, your old equipment will be hauled away and returned to our shop, where we will have it recycled.

After the install is complete your installer, project manager, or comfort consultant will take some time to walk you through your new equipment’s operation and maintenance requirements, including how to operate the controls.

After the Install

Once your installation or complete, our office will invoice you for the balance of your contract. If you are eligible for any incentives such as the Federal Tax Credit for water-source heat pumps, Stacie will provide a receipt and your system information to provide to your accountant. While JK Mechanical is not a financial institution, we want to help you and your accounting team make the rebate process as smooth as possible. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Stacie, Ryan, or JK President Chris Leaman with questions about available incentives.

Reliable Comfort for Years to Come

At JK Mechanical, our goal is to provide you with an excellent and convenient HVAC replacement experience, from your first appointment through the lifetime of your system. Your system comes with a 1 Year JK Workmanship warranty in addition to any applicable manufacturer’s warranties, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about how your system is working.

As you use your system, our technicians recommend regular, professional Planned Maintenance in order to keep your system running safely, smoothly, and efficiently for many years to come. If you’re not already a JK Service Agreement client, our Planned Maintenance sales consultant Jon Hershey is available to create a custom maintenance plan for your facility.

Ready to begin the process of replacing your HVAC system? Contact JK Mechanical today to schedule your free, no-pressure estimate today.




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