Water Usage: Summer vs. Winter

August 11th, 2014 by admin

Water conservation can save you more than you think. It is important to monitor your water usage in every season but the most obvious seasons, due to their extreme heat differences, are the most important to keep your eye on.

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Be careful during Summertime Scorchers

During the summertime the temperatures soar, which leads to a general increase in water usage. The showers get longer, the pools are used, sprinklers run for hours, it’s a wonder how conservation is even possible in the hottest months of the year.


JK Mechanical Water QualityFirst, you need to get the facts. According to the EPA, homeowners use between 30 and 70 percent of their water outdoors, mostly in keeping up their lawns and landscaping during the dry, hot heat.


To avoid high water bills, conserve as best you can by using simple steps. Always water your landscaping in the early morning or at night so it has the best chance of getting absorbed. Keep a timer on all running water, like showers and children’s water toys. Unmonitored sources of running water can add up fast without your notice.


One of the easiest ways to know your water usage is as low as it could be, tune up your system with one of JK Mechanical’s trained and certified aqua-technicians. These experts can also test your home’s water quality for free and provide tips for improving it and fixing any existing problems.

Winter Leaks You’d Never Suspect

Winter is the time of freezing temperatures and frozen landscapes. Which can lead to plenty of fun but also should have you on the lookout for all water activity in your home. While you aren’t using anywhere near the amount of water that you could be in the summer, the average home still uses about 70 gallons of water a day.


JK Mechanical Water QualityThe real danger about winter water usage is in what you can’t see: frozen pipes. When temperatures drop quickly any water remaining in unprepared pipes could freeze and burst, leading to water damage all over your home. The best way to look out for this is to winterize your pipes by insulating them and even dripping water. Believe it or not, the best way to conserve water and save money in the wintertime is to drip small amounts of water out of your spickets. Why? Letting your faucets drip for a short amount of time can prevent pipes bursting later.


To save money and water in every season, review your water bills and compare your winter water use with your summer use to get a sense of how much extra water you use outdoors when it’s hot. If you want expert advice on your water usage, contact JK Mechanical today!


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