Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air?

Here at JK Mechanical, we strive to keep you and your family satisfied and comfortable in your home by offering energy saving tips and smart cooling solutions that are sure to offer you the satisfaction you deserve. We want to serve our customers by keeping them in the know when it comes to common issues that can arise with heating and cooling systems.

One common question we tend to get from our customers is “Why is my air conditioner blowing warm or hot air?” This can be frustrating for any homeowner, especially when temperatures are high outside. Before we jump to any conclusions or think that the system is failing, we should consider all the options on how to fix the unit.

There are several reasons why your cooling system could be blowing warm air:

  • Control Settings are not set properly
  • Condenser and compressor are not functioning properly
  • Clogged air filter
  • Refrigerant issues

Step-by-step troubleshooting:

1. Check the control panel for your central air system to be sure that the switch is set for “cool.” If the switch is set for “heat,” move it to the cool setting and wait for cool air to fill your home.

2. Check the breaker to the This should be switched on–otherwise, the air conditioner could be running from the inside air handler, but the air coming out is not cool. Additionally, it is possible that outside debris, such as leaves and twigs, are blocking the condenser coils. Be sure to check that the air intakes on the system are clear. This blockage can prevent proper cooling.

3. Another area to check is the air filter. While the air filter is usually not to blame for preventing the filtration of air into the home, it can affect efficiency, which leads to improper cooling if left too long without being cleaned or changed. Changing out an air filter is something that can easily be done on your own.

4. Lastly, a low refrigerant charge can lead to a lack of cool air output, or even a complete loss of cool air. Refrigerant problems can be caused by issues with the compressor or leaks that can be addressed by a professional.

If this troubleshooting advice still has you feeling heated, please call our team of professionals to schedule service and/or to determine if a new and improved installation with JK Mechanical is what you need. We want to ensure that you are feeling comfortable at home this summer.

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