The Power of Our Sun: Solar Energy

January 27th, 2015 by admin

The Sun

JK Mechanical Article About Solar Energy
Since the dawn of mankind, the sun has been both worshiped and perceived as the center of our universe. Although science has since changed our beliefs about the sun, we still rely on it for many things. One of those things being solar energy.

In fact, humans have taken advantage of our earth’s sun since as early as the 7th century B.C. At that time, magnified glass and mirrors were used to catch the light of the sun to create fire. Today, we have advanced far beyond that and are able to use solar energy to heat buildings, homes, and power automobiles.


What is Solar Energy?

With an increased awareness of global warming, protection of ecosystems, and a depletion of fossil fuels, we are always looking for clean ways to produce energy. As the demand for resources grow, and costs rise, people are looking to the sun as a way to power the earth.

The typical definition of solar energy is: radiant energy emitted by the sun. Basically, solar energy is the process of converting light from the sun into usable electricity. This electricity can heat your home, power your car, and reduce pollution.


How it Works

There are many ways in which solar energy can be derived. Photovoltaics, otherwise known as solar panels, are the most common means of utilizing solar power. These panels consist of solar cells that convert photons (sunlight) into electricity.


Benefits of Going Solar

Not only is solar energy safe for our environment, it is also a constant, available source. Where gas, coal, and other methods use a limited supply that is found on and in the earth, solar energy uses the light from the sun, which we have access to for hours and hours each day.

Converting to solar energy seriously depletes electricity bills. You save money by producing your own energy, and if you produce more than you use, some states will reimburse you for the power you’re creating.


The Future of Solar

Imagine a world where every road and sidewalk was replaced with solar panels. Well, this may not be too far-fetched… According to some, solar roadways may be in our future. Not only would this produce free energy, but the solar panels can even produce heat. That means no longer needing snow plows or ice trucks. This would ultimately save money while protecting the environment.


Make the Switch

Converting to solar energy is a large investment and here at JK Mechanical, we understand that it’s a big decision for any homeowner. Switching to solar energy reduces the costly expense of a high energy bill that goes to a utility provider each month, and provides safe and renewable energy.

At JK Mechanical, we are here to help you make the switch as easy as possible. We can guide you along the way and answer any questions or concerns. Contact us today at 1-800-JKM-0028 to speak to a professional or to learn more about how you can save with solar.




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