JK Mechanical Solar Energy Solutions and Smart Power

Solar Energy Solutions & Smart Power

JK Mechanical understands that you want a smart and secure investment when switching from traditional utility sources to solar powered electricity. Our experts are here to determine the best course of action for solar panel installation in both residential and commercial spaces.

Offering more than 35 years of expertise and as one of the leading Pennsylvania solar installers, we’re confident that our knowledge on the technology, installations, and incentives of solar energy solutions will be the right choice. Today, the solar power installation process is affordable, convenient, and virtually maintenance free.

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What is Solar Electricity?

Solar panels, which are also commonly known as solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have become one of the most effective methods used to harness natural energy.

Each solar system or array consists of a group of solar panels and inverters. Electrical needs and available space typically determine the scale of the solar installation. An individual panel, or a series of consecutive panels (an array), better accommodates a residential property compared to an agricultural or commercial site that’s equipped to host multiple systems.
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The Cycle Converting Solar Energy into Electricity with JK Mechanical

● Individual PV cells initiate the process through absorption of solar energy
● Modules/panels made up of multiple cells share a mutual electrical connection
● Solar power from the module is produced as Direct Current Electricity “DC”
● Inverters capture the panel output and convert the “DC” power to Alternating Current “AC” power
● “DC” to “AC” conversion is necessary for U.S. homes and gadgets
● Regulators are used to prevent modules from being overcharged or under used

Our installation experts are here to ensure your long term investment in solar energy reaches full potential. 

As a network, PV systems must be supported by structural mounting and proper installation to meet the 25 year performance warranty on modules, and 40+ year lifespan for panels. 

Learn more about the benefits of investing in solar energy and solar pv for your home or business.

As local solar energy suppliers for over 35 years, JK Mechanical recognizes the potential power behind this solution.

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source that’s available. With the right design and proper installation the benefits of solar electric systems can be limitless.

  • Instantly boosts property value
  • Reduces Co2 emissions
  • 30% Federal tax credit until 2016
  • Direct control over electric consumption through Net-Metering
  • Opportunity to profit from creating more energy than you’re consuming
  • Increases net savings, solar-generated costs are continuously decreasing
  • Save on transportation costs by moving to a decentralized power source
  • Ability to choose from on & off grid functionality

With JK Mechanical, we can help you determine your return on investment and calculate year to year utility savings. Interested in learning more about saving with solar? Contact our solar energy experts in Lancaster, PA for a free analysis to find out if solar is right for your home.

Call us today at 800-JKM-0028 to get started! 

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