National Preparedness Month – Surge Protection

September 19th, 2013 by admin

wholehouse_surgeSurge protection – Our homes are filled with costly electronic equipment susceptible to damage from electrical surges. Your TV’s, computers, appliances, digital devices, garage door openers, fluorescent lights, air conditioners and more are all in danger of being destroyed or damaged by electrical surges. Sometimes the damage is not seen immediately, but ends up costing you months later when the device fails prematurely due to the effects of these “spikes” or “burst” of electrical energy. Electrical surges come from both inside and outside of your home, from multiple sources such as lightning, power company equipment failures, as well as faulty wiring. So how do we protect ourselves and our wallets from these surges?

Surge protection devices divert the overvoltage to the ground and dissipate the damaging surge of electric away from your sensitive electronics.   When purchasing a surge protection system consider the following tips:

  • A two-tiered approached is recommended: 1) service entrance surge suppression at the main panel 2) “point-of-use” protection like an outlet surge strip.
  • Surge devices are rated by Joules (1 amp/1 watt), Max Peak Current or Surge Capacity; the higher the number the better protection.
  • Whole house surge protection can vary greatly, ranging from 18,000 – 108,000 surge capacity. Again, the higher the number the better the protection.
  • Ask about surge devices that protect your incoming Phone and TV lines.
  • Whole house surge protection should have status indicator lights so that you know the device is still functioning.

Contact Mike Diehl, JK Master Electrician, to learn more about whole house surge protection to safe guard the expensive electronics in your home. 717-464-0111 or

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