Switching to Natural Gas

Make the Switch to Natural Gas

Burning the cleanest of all fossil fuels, natural gas is a safe, powerful, and efficient source of energy for your home. Not only does switching to natural gas guarantee you a system that will heat and power your entire home effectively, it’s also a smart move if you want to lower the cost of your utility bills.

Electricity and oil seem costly and inefficient when compared to natural gas. On average, the cost of utilizing natural gas is two to three times lower than using electricity to power your home, and people with oil furnaces pay an average of 68% more to heat their homes than people who use natural gas. Converting your home’s system from oil or electricity to natural gas could save you over $1,000 every year.

Natural gas is a safer option not only for your budget, but also for the environment. The system for locating and recovering natural gas is a highly efficient one; extracting and transporting natural gas is 90% efficient, meaning that very little energy is wasted throughout the process. Electricity, however, is generated with only 27% efficiency.

When in use, natural gas is also the the greener option—it produces fewer carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases than oil and electricity. Using natural gas in your home is an environmentally-conscious choice that can benefit more than just your wallet.

Heating your home with natural gas has many additional benefits:

  • The heat source is consistent as well as domestic
  • Pennsylvania contains an abundant supply of natural gas
  • Very little maintenance is required for a natural gas system

JK Mechanical can make your switch to natural gas easy and hassle-free. We’ll walk you through every step of the process: calculating savings, determining the best system for your home, connecting your appliances and equipment to a new gas meter, and finally, even removing your old equipment.

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