JK Mechanical Solar Panels

Return on Investment For Your Solar Energy and Solar PV Systems

Installing a solar array is a valuable option for any home or business interested in being environmentally conscious while also saving money. As soon as solar PV panels are installed, you begin to generate free electricity for your family, company, or farm operation.

Installation with JK Mechanical is also just as simple—our solar systems include the modules, inverter, switch, mounting hardware, and 35 years of experience necessary to install your solar PV system safely. Combine a solar PV system with our solar thermal products for a complete solar energy solution that includes domestic hot water.

No matter which system best fits your needs, the power generated by the panels won’t be coming from a utility company. That means that with solar, you don’t pay for electricity. In fact, for each kWh of solar energy that you produce and use, you can expect to see a 35-40% reduction in cost. It’s possible to pay back the cost of installation in just 9 years, regardless of whether you decide to pay the full installation fee or take advantage of our financing option.

Payment Options

Choosing to finance the cost of your solar PV system means that you can begin to reap the benefits of no electricity costs right away while still paying off your system in small monthly installments. The money that you save each year on utility costs and gain in renewable energy credits easily covers the cost of installation.

Whether you choose to pay installation fees up-front or over time, investing in a solar energy system is a financially responsible decision.

  • Solar panels allow you to gain independence from utility providers
  • If you produce more solar energy than you can use, you can always sell it back to the utility company for electricity credits, which saves you even more money
  • With JK Mechanical’s 25-year performance warranty, your savings can help reduce your monthly living expenses after retirement

The return on your solar investment is certainly promising, but so are the environmental benefits of using solar energy. Solar is a sustainable and renewable resource, which means it can be harvested unendingly. Solar energy also produces no harmful emissions and doesn’t have any negative effects on the environment.

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