JK Mechanical Best Practices: Energy Efficiency in Everyday Insulation

March 18th, 2015 by admin

Part 2: Everday Installation

The rewards of owning a home greatly outnumber the costs and expenses that are put into it. Managing energy costs so you can enjoy a comfortable setting offers value to any homeowner. Being able to do so efficiently is key, which is why we gathered some of our favorite tips and tricks for insulating your home.

Insulation plays a big part in heating and cooling your home, and is important during the cold winter months. In certain cases, older homes are more likely to have leaks and pockets of air that can come through windows, doors, and cracks.


Watch For Leaks

Leaks can come in the form of water dripping from pipes and faucets to air coming through small gaps in doors and windows. Permanent solutions that present long-term security might not be an option during a time of urgency. Luckily, there are easy to implement temporary solutions no matter what your skill set.


Shrink-to-Fit Insulation

This solution reduces drafts that are coming from the outside into your home, can easily be removed with no damage to walls or windows, and is found in your local hardware store.

Tip: Do not apply directly against the window to avoid scratching.

Tip: Leave an inch of space between the plastic and your window.


Rope Caulk

Standard caulk is a permanent fix for leaks, but rope caulk comes pre-cut in strands for easy application, is completely removable and found in any hardware store.

Tip: You can paint over rope caulk in order to match the current color of your window pane.

Read more information about permanent and temporary weatherstripping solutions here, or watch this video about how to install rope caulk to your drafty window.


Here at JK Mechanical, we understand that you want the work that is put into your home to be reliable and effective. We know that keeping your costs down and your house and family comfortable are what matter most, which is why we’re here to help. For more information about energy efficient solutions for your home, see Part 1 of our JK Mechanical Best Practices blog or call us at 800-JKM-0028.





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