Radiant Heated Floors

Warm Your Home With Radiant Floor Heat

When it comes to comfort in the wintertime, it is hard to beat the luxurious comfort of radiant floor heat.  A radiant floor heating system works by simply radiating heat upward from the floor to provide optimum comfort. Unlike hot air that rises, heat travels in many directors – warming the floor under your feet.

Our knowledge in geothermal systems and radiant in-floor systems has helped us become award winning designers and installers of this combination of geothermal and radiant for our client.

Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating

  • Natural Waves of Warmth
    Warmth is carried to living spaces on invisible waves of radiant energy naturally.
  • Comfort
    No other heating system can come close to the high degree of comfort provided by radiant heating.
  • More for Less
    The efficient delivery of radiant heat is more comfortable, while using less energy.
  • Clean Breathable Air
    No air passes through dusty ducts or dirty fins before reaching the room.
  • Even Heating
    Radiant systems gently warm the air, leaving no hot air to rise and be wasted at ceilings. Objects are warmed while cold windows and walls are neutralized by the heated surfaces.
  • Silent Running
    The quietest way to deliver heat to your home or business.

Radiant Heating Methods

Hanging in Joist Space
JK Mechanical HVAC Hanging in Joist Space Radiant Heating MethodTubing is suspended several inches beneath the subfloor in the joist space. Insulation is installed in the joist space beneath the tube with a 2- to 4-inch air space between the top of the insulation and the bottom of the subfloor. The air within this space is heated by the tube, which in turn, heats the underside of the subfloor.

JK Mechanical Staple-Up Radiant Heating HVAC SystemsTubing is attached to the underside of the existing subfloor. Aluminum plates can be used to spread the heat evenly under the subfloor. Insulation is placed in the joist space beneath the tubing. A 2” air space is usually left between the insulation and the bottom of the subfloor. If aluminum plates are used, the insulation may be pushed up tight against the plates.

Concrete Slab
JK Mechanical Radiant Heating with Concrete SlabsTubing is attached to wire mesh or fixtures to hold it in place until the concrete floor is poured. The tubing is embedded in the concrete anywhere from the bottom of the slab to within 2” of the surface, depending on the design and installation technique.

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