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Tired of paying Several Hundred dollars every time you fill your oil tank?
Ask JK Mechanical how you can save thousands of dollars this year… and every year to come.


With oil prices nearing record highs, switching from oil heat to geothermal, a renewable energy system is a wise investment.  And, it’s easier than you may think.  Before you commit to filling up your oil tank yet again this year, talk to JK Mechanical to learn about the options and the savings for your family.

The savings are clear


Geothermal Benefits:

  • The cost of one oil tank fill can heat and cool your home for an entire year
  • You will pay less for heat and add the comfort of AC to your home
  • You will increase the value of your home
  • A 30% tax credit makes converting affordable
  • Geothermal Systems are 500% efficient, compared to the most efficient gas furnace at just 98%

Learn more: Geothermal Frequently Asked Questions

Offer valid thru 4/30/14 (after the offer of save up to $1000)

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