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Trust the Power of Automatic Standby Generators

Power outages can be more than a mild inconvenience. Losing the power to your home or work is a serious issue that can be costly and potentially dangerous for you and your family. Inclement weather causes thousands of power outages each year, resulting in costly losses for families like:

● Disruption of necessary equipment
● Food spoilage and low food supply
● Heat loss
● Inability to work

Be prepared for any winter weather emergency by reading our Winter Weather Emergency Essentials blog post.
Call Us Today on standby GeneratorsA Powerful Home Standby Generator for Your Family
Give your family peace-of-mind with the security of an automatic backup generator for your home. Our professionally installed standby generators are the best backup plan for any and all power outages.

The automatic quick switch on functionality allows for a seamless transfer of energy from the general power source to the generator. It restores power to you and your family during emergency, and lets you continue your routine as normal.

“I made the statement that I hope we never needed it. This was around noon. It is ironic because near 2:00 pm the wind and rain started to blow violently. The power went off, and 15 seconds later the generator kicked in. The transition to generator power was flawless. The next two hours allowed us to continue with our daily routines. I didn’t think we would need it this quickly.” – The Leibhart Family

Our standby generators are a cost efficient and practical investment for the future of your home and family. With our unique generator services, we provide installations, repairs, and servicing that you can count on.

If you would like to speak to one of our qualified technicians, call (717) 283-2301 today.

Benefits of a Standby Generator

● Automatic transfer switch for power on and off
● Permanent fixture outside your residential or commercial building
● Natural gas or propane operated
● Professionally installed
● 24/7 Protection

With JK Mechanical, you’re guaranteed the highest quality service. Find out what else we can help you with by contacting us today.

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