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Markets We Serve: Senior Living

Our team at JK Mechanical understands the value of resident comfort in senior living facilities. We want to work with your facility to provide ideal temperatures, lighting, and clean air. Allow us to handle your facility and system components so that you can focus on what’s truly important—the comfort and satisfaction of your residents.

Solutions for Senior Facilities

In recent years, the senior living industry is continuing to grow as the older American population rises. Since residents require 24-hour support and access to care, it is crucial that all operations are functioning year round.

Heating, air conditioning, ventilation and electricity are some of the major systems that need to run properly in order to provide superior comfort. Don’t wait until your equipment shuts down due to improper servicing and maintenance. Consider upgrading to energy-efficient systems for your senior living facility with routine maintenance and find comfort in knowing that your residents continue to be well taken care of year-round.

Why JK Mechanical?

We have been servicing commercial facilities for over 30 years, developing HVAC services from consultation to installation to meet the unique needs of any type of facility. JK Mechanical provides maintenance programs that help to control energy consumption and identify problems before they happen.

Our team is ready for any emergency with 24/7 responsiveness. We will be there for your facility at a moment’s notice.

Energy-Efficient Solutions That Save You Money

JK Mechanical’s technicians have the knowledge and expertise to provide energy-efficient solutions for your senior living facility. We offer consultations to discuss options that will drastically reduce energy costs. Our extensive knowledge of utility fees, building optimization and innovative technologies are sure to bring your senior living facility the edge it needs to function at its best.

We offer unmatched experience working in occupied facilities, as we follow rigorous standards maintaining levels of respect, confidentiality and sanitation. Our installations will cause minimal disruptions so that daily care is never compromised.

No matter what services your senior living facility require, from routine maintenance to replacement equipment, your comfort is our top priority when it comes to:

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