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In an office setting, comfort is key. Employees spend a vast amount of time in their office building and they need comfortable conditions so that they can be productive. If you want your commercial office building to be an inviting and efficient place for its employees, customers, and clients to do business, JK Mechanical has the solution.

Commercial Services and Solutions

Here at JK Mechanical, we offer HVAC, geothermal, solar, and electrical systems designed to be implemented in your commercial office space. These systems are highly efficient and built to last, as are our steam/hydronics and generator equipment. By installing a quality system that will function efficiently for years to come, you’re making a smart investment as a commercial building owner.

Our energy systems are complemented by our building automation and design and build services. By installing a building automation system, all of your office’s systems—heating, cooling, electrical, security, and more—can be controlled from a centralized system. And with design and build, we’ll ensure that the systems you choose are planned and implemented specifically for your office by our JK Mechanical team.

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Lower Utility Costs with JK Mechanical

JK Mechanical has two goals for your office building’s energy systems: to lower the impact on your wallet and the impact on the environment. That’s why our commercial alternative energy systems are a great choice for office and commercial buildings that are looking to explore new and valuable resources while saving money.

Alternative Energy Solutions

Our solar PV and geothermal systems utilize alternative energy to power your building efficiently. Regardless of which system works best for your office building, both sources of energy give you the opportunity to drastically lower your utility bills. In the case of solar energy, your building can even become completely independent from the utility company.

JK Mechanical will work with you to decide which form of alternative energy best fits your needs, and we’ll design a commercial system that complements your office layout and design. Even if you decide not to opt for an alternative energy system, our HVAC heating and cooling equipment is as efficient as possible and will help lower your utility bills to keep your office on budget.

Get Custom-Designed Solutions for Your Office

Each office building is different, and depending on the size and floor plan of your commercial building, you may have specific needs when it comes to heating, cooling, and electrical systems. That’s why JK Mechanical treats every office building as unique and tailors our equipment to your space.

Our design experts will work with you to determine exactly what your needs are and create a system that seamlessly integrates with your office building. JK Mechanical can overcome any challenge your office may pose—large spaces, complex floor plans, and a lack of ductwork are nothing to be concerned about when we’re handling your building. With over 35 years of experience, our technicians have a solution for every space.

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