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JK Mechanical proudly serves public and private K-12 schools and higher education campuses in order to meet any of your heating, cooling, ventilation and electrical needs. We understand that government funding in the majority of schools nationwide has decreased. Your school district can’t afford to waste money on utilities. That’s why the importance of well-maintained, cost-effective HVAC systems is vital to educational success.

Here at JK Mechanical, we can work with your school directly to meet your building’s needs with a broad range of solutions for indoor air quality, postponed maintenance, outdated HVAC systems, and energy efficiency issues. An updated system can help reduce the amount you spend on energy and utility bills. Our quality HVAC systems are energy-efficient and built to last.

Does your school need an updated heating and cooling system? Contact us at 717-842-4221 or request a quote from our certified professionals today.

Creating an Optimal Learning Environment

Students perform at their best in learning environments that are comfortable, with a well-lit, well-ventilated atmosphere that is virtually noise-free. Effective learning environments are partially the result of properly functioning, properly maintained heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

Let’s face it, the ultimate goal in school is to foster an environment that allows for higher test scores, increased and sustained attendance, cost-effective operational costs and improved teacher satisfaction. JK Mechanical offers solutions to promote comfortable, high-performing and sustainable educational buildings that are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Providing Services for Educational Facilities

Our team of experts will work with your educational facility to determine the best system to meet your unique requirements. We also have the ability to create custom-designed systems that can adjust to any unique challenges that your building might have. Our affordable installations and repairs can accommodate grounds and facilities of any size.

JK Mechanical provides multiple services and benefits for primary and secondary schools and higher education centers, including:

  • Minimal student, teacher or staff interruption
  • Advanced solutions to improve energy efficiency while controlling expenses
  • 24/7 emergency service for HVAC and electrical so there is minimal downtime and disruption to your school’s educational goals
  • Specially trained technicians with the ability to tackle any problem
  • Emergency standby generator solutions
  • Preventative and predictive maintenance

At JK Mechanical, our goal is to help your school’s students perform at their best in a comfortable environment while also saving you money. To schedule a consultation, request services, or to speak to a technician, call 717-842-4221.