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Comfort is crucial in a space that aims to be as inviting and welcoming as possible. JK Mechanical’s systems are designed to make congregants comfortable. We can keep your congregation warm, cool them off, and give them enough light to see by, all while saving your church money.

Heating and Cooling Services from JK Mechanical

Our HVAC, geothermal, solar, and electrical systems offer churches cost-effective methods for heating and cooling. Coupled with our building automation, steam/hydronics, and design and build services, JK Mechanical’s comfort solutions are even more efficient.

Not only will our experts work with your church to determine which of these systems best fit your space, they can also custom-design systems that will work around any unique challenges your church facility might pose. JK Mechanical offers simple solutions so that your church can focus on what’s really important.

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Keeping Costs Low with Smart Energy Solutions

Many churches don’t have large portions of their operating budget available to spend on heating and cooling solutions. As an organization that does vital work for its community, your church can’t afford to waste money on utilities. That’s why JK Mechanical offers systems that are cost-effective and energy efficient.

Our designers and technicians can outfit your church with an alternative energy system that can severely reduce or even eliminate your energy and utility bills. Solar and geothermal energy offer churches a way to save money while also benefitting the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Even our quality HVAC equipment can save you money; it’s built to last and will function in your church for years to come.

Overcoming Costly Challenges

Churches can encounter construction and installation issues for many reasons, some of them most common being:

  • Large, open spaces that are difficult to heat and cool
  • Stained glass windows that can’t be tampered with
  • Historical building methods that don’t lend themselves to ductwork

While these factors of a church’s construction are what make it a beautiful place to worship, they typically pose challenges to commercial systems, particularly HVAC installations. However, at JK Mechanical, we can work around such issues.

Our designers are highly skilled at engineering custom solutions for commercial spaces and can create a specific installation plan for your individual church. Whether you need solar panels, geothermal piping, ductwork, or electrical equipment, we can find a way to integrate it seamlessly into your existing facility.

At JK Mechanical, our goal is to help your church become even more successful in the community by keeping your congregation happy and saving you money. To learn more about our services, contact us today at 717-842-4221 to speak with a professional and request a consultation.