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Markets We Serve: Automotive

For over 30 years, JK Mechanical has been committed to providing superior heating, cooling, ventilation and electrical services to commercial industries while offering exceptional customer satisfaction. JK Mechanical consults with our customers on an individual level in order to prioritize the needs of your company.

Our team of highly trained technicians understands the need to design and implement innovative systems while maintaining outstanding industry practices in order to bring your automotive company the best service and maintenance possible.

Every HVAC solution we design offers quality and long-lasting reliability. From the conceptual stage to the implementation process, our HVAC systems are custom-made to improve efficiency and air quality for your automotive business in order to achieve the highest level of comfort.

Why Choose JK Mechanical?

JK Mechanical recognizes the demanding nature of automotive plant process cooling and maintaining comfort in control rooms and office environments. We want to ensure minimal downtime to protect plant revenue and production commitments.

Our team helps your automotive company control utility costs, increase operational efficiency and maintain the safety of employees. We will meet the unique needs of your automotive industry, helping to determine the best heating, cooling, ventilation and electrical solutions to keep your plant up and running no matter what.

Are you a commercial automotive owner looking for an update in your current system? We can help. Contact us today to speak to one of our certified professionals who can help you get started.

Services for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is constantly evolving and we strive to exceed the highest tolerances and specifications established by automotive industry standards. JK Mechanical offers green solutions that combine energy-efficient technology to decrease energy consumption and operating costs, which are essential for automotive industrial facilities.

If you have an HVAC problem, we have a solution for you. Allow us to eliminate any possible risks for your company by being flexible and reliable for your unique design needs.

JK Mechanical Services and Solutions

At JK Mechanical, our goal is to help your automotive business become even more successful in the industry by keeping your customers happy and saving you money. To learn more about our services, call 717-842-4221 to speak with a professional and request a consultation.