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JK Mechanical has over 35 years of experience with geothermal systems, and we want to help your commercial site benefit from this green energy source. Installing a geothermal system is more than just an environmentally conscious decision for your building; it’s a choice that will save you energy and money for years to come.

Geothermal systems use the constant ground temperature of the earth to heat and cool your business efficiently. About 10 feet below your building, it’s always 45 – 55 degrees Fahrenheit, whether it’s January or July. By accessing this heat energy and using it to provide heating and cooling power for your property, you’re making a choice that’s environmentally and financially conscious. It doesn’t get much smarter than that.

The Benefits of Geothermal Energy

Choosing a geothermal system is a long-term investment that can greatly benefit you as a commercial property owner. JK Mechanical ensures that our installations are as efficient as possible, and our COP (coefficient of performance) ranges from 3.5 – 5.3 for open loop geothermal systems.

This means that our systems are easy on the environment as well as your budget. Each dollar of energy that powers a geothermal system generates $3.50 – $5.30 of energy that is supplied as heat. In fact, a geothermal heat pump is close to 500% efficient, while fossil fuel furnace efficiency is only at 78-98%.

Not only do you receive the benefit of energy efficiency with geothermal energy, but the systems are also unobtrusive. Without constant adjustments and noises, those in your commercial space can comfortably focus on the work that needs to be done in a properly heated or cooled environment.

Geothermal systems can also:

  • Save you up to 70% on usual heating, cooling, and hot water bills
  • Provide your building with free hot water throughout the summer with a Desuperheater
  • Function for double the lifespan of a traditional heating and cooling system

Installation and Repair

As the geothermal authority in both Pennsylvania and Maryland, JK Mechanical has installed almost 1,000 systems in just the last 5 years. Whether you’re interested in installing a geothermal system or need one repaired, our experts can work with you to solve any issue you may have.

If you’re constructing a new commercial building, replacing or retrofitting an existing geothermal system, we can collaborate with your company or with a builder to install the right system for your place of business. Even if your building has no current air distribution system, JK Mechanical has experience installing ductwork in a vast range of floor plans and can offer you a solution.

Our designers, project managers, and installation technicians analyze your property for free and explain your company’s best options for geothermal systems and financing.

Calculate Your Company’s Savings

Installing a geothermal system is one of the safest investments you can make for your commercial property. According to the Air Force Institute of Technology, the average amount of time it takes to pay back a geothermal system is only seven to eight years.

If you’re a PA or MD commercial building owner, you could also qualify for a geothermal tax credit. The Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008 (H.R. 1424) offers a single tax credit of 10% of the total investment of a commercial geothermal system for building owners, which is available through December 2016. Eligible commercial geothermal systems must meet or exceed EnergyStar requirements and be installed after December 31, 2007. Building owners can file for this credit by filling out the Renewable Energy Credits subsection on your federal tax return forms.

Additionally, Maryland commercial building owners can earn:

  • A non-residential state rebate of $4,500 ($90 – $180 per ton) with an efficiency ratio of 14.0 and a minimum COP of 3.0
  • A Harford County tax credit of $2,500 per device (or $5,000 per property per fiscal year) for geothermal heat pumps and electric/direct use systems

To learn more about additional geothermal tax incentives for commercial building owners, contact our professionals who can help you.

JK Mechanical is dedicated to saving your business money and installing high-efficiency systems that benefit the environment. To learn more about what a geothermal system could do for your commercial property, request a quote today.