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Geothermal Systems Photo Gallery

Dedicated to providing our customers with the best products and service, JK Mechanical is proud to provide the energy saving technology of geothermal systems.By harnessing the constant ground temperature of the earth to heat and cool your building we can save you up to 70% on your heating and cooling bill.

Whether you’re brand new to the geothermal system or need one replaced or repaired JK Mechanical is here to help. Our designers, project managers, and expert technicians take a look at your property and system needs for free and let you know your business’s best options for geothermal installation and financing.

These systems are easy on both the environment as well as your budget. Geothermal systems practically pay for themselves. A geothermal heat pump is 500% efficient compared to fossil fuel which is only 78-98% efficient. They also last for about double the lifespan that a traditional heating and cooling system does.

The systems are also perfect for a working environment because they don’t require constant adjustments or produce noise. This allows your business to run smoothly and more efficiently by keeping your employees comfortable and free from distractions.

Our highly trained technicians have installed about 1,000 systems in Pennsylvania and Maryland in the last 5 years. Check out some of their finished work below.


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