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JK Mechanical strives to provide the best heating and cooling systems to keep your business at a comfortable temperature no matter the conditions outside. Whether you’re installing a new system or just need some routine maintenance, our team of certified technicians can get the job done without interfering with your everyday business practices. Our design team works to customize the best smart energy solution for your business and our service technicians will install, service and maintain the final design.

 As a business we know how important it is to make your employees and customers comfortable  so they can be productive or keep coming back to  your business. We have helped business like churches, education, office buildings, healthcare, retail space, multi-family complexes, senior living, and automotive. Check out our past HVAC projects to see the services we can provide for you.


Our goal is simple: help our customers be comfortable, whether that involves making you financially comfortable by saving you money on your business’s energy bill or by keeping your employees comfortable by keeping your business cool in the summer and warm in the winter, allowing them to be more productive.

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