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Commercial Hydronics

What is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating utilizes water to move heat from where it’s produced to where it’s needed.

Water within the system acts as a “conveyor belt,” transporting water through the system. Heat is absorbed by this water at the source, carried by water through the distribution piping. Finally, the heat is released into a heated space by a heat emitter.

Modern hydronics allows heat to be delivered exactly when and where it is needed. Since every business is unique with specific requirements, system configuration options are endless, meeting the precise comfort levels of your business. Depending on the size of your building, several boiler tanks can be used to operate in stages, releasing heat through several emitters throughout the building. This same boiler can provide your building’s hot water supply.

JK Mechanical’s well-designed, expertly installed commercial hydronic systems provide ultimate comfort and fuel efficiency for as long as the building stands.

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Benefits of Modern Hydronic Heating:

Superior Comfort

  • Interior conditions allow heat to leave a person’s body at the same rate it is generated, making them feel comfortable. Heat released at faster or slower rates than what is produced, causes discomfort
  • Hydronic systems control both air temperature and surface temperature, maintaining ideal levels of comfort

Energy Savings

  • Businesses can easily heat certain occupied zones, and choose not to heat other zones that are unoccupied, saving your business money

Endless System Configuration Options

  • More options to accommodate varying business’ needs and requirements
  • Different heat emitters for different building loads since commercial buildings require heat emitters that are resistant to physical damage

Clean, Quiet Operating System

  • Never worry about dust, pollen and smoke moving through your interior air space. With a hydronic system, forced air circulation is rare, providing clean air, especially beneficial in health care settings
  • With an efficiently designed and installed hydronic heating system, your company can benefit from practically non-existent noise levels

Seamless Installation

  • Hydronic systems can be seamlessly interspersed throughout the structure of the majority of small buildings, without negatively impacting any structural or aesthetic components of your office

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