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Commercial Energy Savings

To keep a building running at maximum efficiency with heating, air conditioning, lighting, power, and other office equipment, our services are typically required. Because of this, energy efficiency can play a large role in saving your company money.

JK Mechanical offers a complete selection of high-efficiency commercial systems that can save money on your business’ annual operating costs. Not only will our certified team provide your office with a comfortable working space, they will contribute to a cleaner environment.

Alternative Energy Sources

Over the years, it’s become evident that alternative energy sources significantly help contribute to a cleaner environment. If you are in search of a safe, long-term investment for your commercial property, ultimately lowering monthly and annual bills for your company, JK Mechanical has a solution for you. JK Mechanical offers consultation, installation, and services for alternative energy sources including two of the most efficient renewable sources in the world:

Looking for more information on alternative energy sources for your commercial space? Visit our geothermal and solar pages to see the benefits you could get when working with JK Mechanical.

Is Your Company Doing Everything Possible to Save Energy?

  • Annual maintenance for your HVAC system is vital; otherwise performance will decline.
    • This allows for pre-season tune-ups before harsh weather conditions force your system to work harder than usual.
    • Additionally, your company will save money and your HVAC system will perform much longer, requiring minimal annual maintenance fees.
  •  A simple change of filters in your office’s HVAC system on a monthly basis can lower energy usage and costs.
    • Clogged filters force your system to work harder, not efficiently.
    • A few dollars every month towards a new filter can drastically improve indoor air quality in your office.
  • Ensure lights, machinery and other office equipment is turned off when not in use. Wasted energy means high, unnecessary utility costs.

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