Causes of Common Water Problems

September 29th, 2014 by admin

Are you familiar with the causes of common water problems? JK Mechanical can target the problem affecting the touch, taste and smell of your water. Whether you are experiencing a rotten egg-odor, discoloration, or dry hair and skin, we can help you treat whatever issue you may be having. With the installation of one of our systems, the quality and purity of your water can be improved.


Hard Water vs. Soft Water

Water Problems Caused by Hard Water Article from JK Mechanical

You may have heard these two terms before, but what do they actually mean? Household water is usually “hard,” which means it contains a high content of the dissolved minerals calcium and magnesium, while soft water is treated to contain only the ion sodium.Although hard water is not associated with any health risks, it can be irritating, causing skin to dry and hair to become brittle. You’ll find that lathering your hands with soap is difficult using hard water. The build-up of soap scum that is left behind can leave spots and stains and damage your water appliances and plumbing, leading to inefficient energy usage and expensive bills.




Low PHJK Mechanical Water Solutions for a Low PH Level

A measure of your water’s PH level can help determine its level of acidity. A PH below 7.0 indicates that the water you are testing is acidic. Acidic water acts by corrosively eating away at pipes, appliances, water heaters and boilers. It is also capable of leaching metals from your plumbing system which can lead to plumbing, staining and taste problems. Complications associated with acidic water can be fixed using our water correcting neutralizers, which will bring better quality water to your family.




JK Mechanical Article About Common Water Problems Caused by Iron Iron

If you have seen rust colored stains in your toilets, tubs, showers, sinks, and even on your laundry, you may have high levels of iron in your water. Water affected by significant iron levels will often leave an orange-red residue and have an unpleasant taste. To ensure the best quality water for your family, correct this problem with the installation of one of our iron filtration systems.






Bacteria and Nitrate

Water Problems Caused by Bacteria Article from JK MechanicalHigh levels of bacteria and nitrate in you water system can be dangerous for your family. Nitrate, a naturally occurring form of nitrogen found in soil, can lead to illness and potentially death in pregnant women and infants. Bacteria can be plant or soil based, including pathogenic organisms. JK Mechanical understand the risks involved with contaminated water, and we are here to help. The best way to rid your water of these impurities and ensure the best quality of water for your family is to install one of our Ultra-violet Purifiers.




JK Mechanical Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Water ProblemsHydrogen Sulfide Gas

The rotten-egg odor you may be smelling is actually the colorless gas Hydrogen Sulfide, which occurs naturally in ground water and adds a bad taste and smell to your water. Fortunately, Hydrogen Sulfide levels found in domestic water do not usually pose immediate health problems in humans, but they can corrode metals in your plumbing system and leave black discoloration on your pipe fixtures. JK Mechanical can test your water for Hydrogen Sulfide and discuss the best treatment option for your family.



Helping You

Our certified and trained aqua-technicians will provide FREE testing of your water, and can help you determine what the best treatment option is for your family. Don’t wait, call JK Mechanical today at 1-800-JKM-0028.




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