Can a Disposable Water Filter Really Fix Your Problems?

December 29th, 2014 by admin

When it comes to filtering your family’s water, it is likely that you use a disposable filtration system. Many of these systems will reduce chlorine and copper, eliminating contaminants that lead to bad tasting water, which over time can cause illness.  Often because of these reasons, we look to water filtration systems to improve our drinking water. But can a disposable water-filter really fix the problems you may be having? It’s time to decide for yourself whether or not a disposable water filter has more of an advantage or disadvantage in your life.

JK Mechanical Water Quality Testing Article


Your water quality will definitely improve with the use of a disposable water filter by eliminating unwanted contaminations. However, its quality will diminish over time. Due to the disposable nature of these filtration systems, they are not meant to last for long periods of time and the taste and overall water quality will be in a constant state of decline.

For some, this inconsistency can be irritating, as they may only have a fully functioning filter for a week or so depending on the current state of their water. However, if you are renting at your current place of living, a temporary filtration system may be more suitable for you, especially if you do not plan on staying for a long period of time.


Filter Changes

If you own a disposable water filter, the only thing you have to worry about is the filter.  While this can be a relief, depending on the quality of your water, you may need to frequently change your water filter. This can be inconvenient and it can become expensive keeping up with the cost of replacement. It may be wiser to invest in a water treatment system that does not require these constant purchases. 



Because no standards exist for water filtration systems, there is a chance that your type of water problem is not even being solved with the water filter that you are using. It may prove wiser for you to have your family’s water tested to ensure that the exact problem you are experiencing is being corrected. This way, you can determine if your disposable water filtration system is meeting your specific, individual needs.



One advantage of the disposable water filter is its simplicity. Fortunately, filling up your water filter container couldn’t be any easier. However, although it isn’t difficult to fill up a water container, it can prove to be a nuisance.

How many times a day, a week, a year, do you think you spend filling up a filter container that may only hold 4 to 6 cups of water? Consider tackling your problem right at the source with a more advanced filtration system. This way, you won’t have to think twice about filling up a glass of water from your kitchen faucet.



Ultimately your decision may come down to cost. Although investing in a more advanced water filtration system is an expensive upfront decision, it will ultimately save you money in the long run if you are planning to stay in your home. However, if you are on a tight budget, purchasing a disposable water filtration system may be best for your financial situation.


The Long Run

With water being the most essential property on Earth for the survival of humankind, we should aim for the best quality we can. While disposable water filters can help, there may be better options for you to select from which will target the specific problem(s) you may be experiencing such as acid neutralizers, ultra-violet purifiers, reverse osmosis systems, or softeners.If you are experiencing a problem, don’t wait. Contact JK Mechanical today to ask for your FREE water test, 1-800-JKM-0028. 

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