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JK Mechanical National Preparedness Month Fire Alarms & Smoke DetectorsSeptember is National Preparedness Month. When we think of preparedness we think about disaster from storms, hurricanes, earth quakes, black outs etc. Having a plan in place, for both short-term and long-term situations, will give you peace-of-mind, knowing your family is safe with the necessary items to ride out the emergency. This plan should include electrical safety and preparedness? Each week this month we will discuss a topic related to electrical safety and preparedness to give you some practical and useful tips.

Smoke Detectors – One of the simplest ways to protect your home from the deadly results of a fire. An alarming two-thirds of fire related deaths resulted from properties without smoke detectors. To keep your family safe, consider the following questions. Do you have smoke detectors in your home? Are your smoke detectors more than 10 years old? Are there enough units in your home and are they placed in the proper locations? Will you hear them if one goes off in the basement of your home?

Here are some tips:

  1. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends replacing your detectors every 10 years.
  2. Interconnected smoke detectors provide a higher level of protection. When one sounds they all sound. The death rate per 100 reported fires was twice as high with battery single use detectors verse hardwired interconnected detectors.
  3. Current PA state code requires 1) detector in each level of your home, 1) in each bed room, and one outside of each sleeping area.
  4. You should have at least one carbon monoxide detector in your home.
  5. Hearing impaired people should have visual strobe type detectors.

If you answered no to the questions above, ask JK Electrical to help you evaluate your smoke detector needs and help keep your family safe!  Plus, ask about our special offer on a smoke detector upgrade.

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Next week we will discuss Stand By Generators.

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