6 Things to Consider When Replacing your HVAC System

Your home comfort system is one of the most important investments you make in your home. Even for experienced homeowners, starting the process can seem overwhelming. According to the EPA, the average life expectancy of a ducted HVAC system is about 15 years. If you are starting to think of upgrading your system or your HVAC is getting up there in years, here are 6 important things to consider when planning for a replacement:

#1: System Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is one of the most important things to consider as you budget for your home comfort system. If your unit is sized correctly, then choosing a high efficiency unit will maximize your comfort in your home while also saving on your monthly utility bills (and helping the environment!). SEER, or “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio,” is a ratings system to help identify an AC unit’s efficiency, while AFUE or “Annual Fuel-Utilization Efficiency” estimates how much heat a unit delivers per dollar spent on fuel.

Your JK Comfort Consultant will include the efficiency ratings of the systems they design for your home, and can answer and questions you may have when comparing differently rated units, and how efficiency will affect the expected payback period for your new equipment.

#2: System Size

At JK Mechanical, we understand that there is never a one-size-fits-all solution for home comfort. An undersized system will leave you with high power bills, low airflow, and temperature inconsistencies. An oversized system will have issues with short cycling, temperature swings, and humidity control. Factors like your home’s square footage, insulation, ductwork, doors, windows, and other climate factors all play a role in sizing your HVAC system correctly.

Choosing the right size system for your home and coordinating it with your existing ductwork and layout requires training and experience. JK Mechanical’s residential Home Comfort Consultants have an average of 20 years of experience in the HVAC field, which helps you get the best, most efficient, and most comfortable system for your budget.

#3: Thermostat Updates

Thermostat and control technology has come a long way in the past few years, with the market offering smart, automated, and even voice-controlled options. Not only do smart thermostats offer you the convenience of controlling your home comfort with your voice or your smartphone on the go, but learning technology helps improve your efficiency and save on your utility bills without sacrificing comfort. Conversely, if smart features aren’t important to you, choosing a basic-model thermostat (or reusing your existing thermostat, if applicable) can help trim some of the un-front installation costs. Talk with your service technician or Comfort Consultant about the different thermostat options that may be available for your system.

#4: Rebates and Tax Credits

Depending on where you live and the type of system you select, your new HVAC system may make you eligible for rebates from your power company, your gas company, and even your taxes. This could mean that a higher efficiency system can be both a lower investment up-front as well as saving you money over time.

While we’re not tax professionals, your comfort consultant and JK Sales Coordinator Ashley will provide you with all of the information you need to file for your credit, and even apply for utility rebates on your behalf, if applicable.

#5: Indoor Air Quality

It bears repeating: in 2021, protecting indoor air quality is on people’s minds. JK Mechanical offers a range of products to help improve your home air health, from air purifiers to home humidification systems and more.

If you’re considering adding these features to your HVAC, doing so at the same time as your replacement can offer savings on labor and materials, not to mention the added convenience of having everything taken care of in one appointment.

#6: Expert Installation & Maintenance

Improper unit location, lack of insulation, and improper duct installation can greatly diminish efficiency, not to mention leaving you with a whole lot of mess. After your installation is complete, all manufacturers require that equipment is regularly and professionally serviced in order to maintain the system warranty.

When meeting with consultants and reviewing proposals, consider the experience and reputation of your home comfort provider. At JK Mechanical, our trained, experienced installers strive for excellence in every install. When a job is complete, one of our team members can walk you through your system, so that before we leave your home you have an understanding of how your HVAC works and how to operate it.

JK’s Home Comfort experts are always available for free, in-home, no-pressure customized system assessments to help you choose the best system for your home, budget, and family. Contact us today to request your appointment.


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