5 Signs it’s Time to Replace your AC

As a homeowner, it can be challenging to decide when the right time is to replace your air conditioning system. Whether it’s not serving your needs the way it used to or maybe it’s just costing too much to run, the JK Mechanical Comfort Team is here to help you make the most economical and more comfortable decision for your home and your family.

 Per Energy.gov, most residential cooling systems last for about 10-14 years, depending on usage and regular maintenance. As you weigh your options to repair or replace, keep an eye out for these signs may indicate that it’s time to consider replacing your air conditioner:

Decreased Comfort

One of the tell-tale signs that your air conditioning system is no longer meeting your needs is decreased comfort throughout the home. This could mean hot and cold spots, a lack of airflow, or a system that is no longer able to cool your home to your desired temperature. While this could mean that your system is due for maintenance or in need of better controls, repeated problems and a system that is already 10+ years old can indicate that your system is at the end of its lifespan.

High Utility Bills

If you’re getting sticker shock when you open your power bill each month, it may be time to replace your air conditioning system. While your system may still be technically working, an older and less-efficient system can be a big drain on your energy budget. New systems like the Carrier Infinity Series or Daikin Variable-Speed systems can reach above 20 SEER and are Energy-Star certified, meaning that you’ll save on your utility bills while getting better comfort in your home and reducing your carbon footprint. With current energy prices and available rebates, the payback time on your investment in more efficient equipment might be less than you think.

Frequent Repairs

Frequent service calls or expensive repairs are a sign of an aging system. Certain essential parts such as the condenser coil can be expensive to replace if your system is out of warranty. (Plus, in our experience, most AC breakdowns happen when you need it the most– on the hottest days of the year!) If the cost of repairs becomes significant and if your air conditioner is beginning to show other signs of age, it may make more financial sense to choose an AC replacement. Your trusted JK Mechanical technician can provide you with information and recommendations to help you make that decision.

Noisy Unit

Is your air conditioner making a racket? Over time, wear and tear on the components of your AC system may loosen bolts and other connections and cause it to make more noise than it should. Persistent or disruptive noise can be a sign that a repair or replacement is needed.

Ice or Moisture Buildup

While some condensation around an air conditioner is normal, excessive leakage, an icy outdoor unit, or pooling water are big signs that your unit is not operating correctly. Leaking coolant can be a health risk to you and your family, while water leakage can damage flooring and property, or even cause mold. Again, while this is often a sign that your system is in need of a tune-up or repair, repeated problems indicate that it’s time to consider a replacement.

Think you might be in need of an air conditioning system replacement? Ask your service technician at your next appointment or schedule your free, in-home assessment with one of our JK Comfort Experts.




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