5 Reasons to Install a Smart Thermostat


According to Energy Star, heating and cooling accounts for 42 percent of the average annual electric bill in the US. Your thermostat—and the way you use it—can play just as significant a role in your home comfort and your utility costs as your equipment itself. Read on for 5 reasons why installing or upgrading to a smart thermostat should be on your to-do list:

Better Comfort

Many thermostats nowadays are programmable, meaning that they can be set to reach particular settings on a particular cycle or at a particular time. A smart thermostat is—you guessed it—smarter, and over time use e-learning features like geofencing, local weather, or even motion sensing and will learn your schedule over time to help keep your settings as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Cost Savings

The other key benefit to e-learning and programmable capabilities is lower utility bills. Smart thermostats can make subtle adjustments to your HVAC when climate appropriate to use less power without compromising on comfort. In addition to day-to-day controls, settings like “vacation mode” let you save without having to come home to a freezing or sweltering house. According to EnergySTAR, the average homeowner the average homeowner can save up to 23% on their heating and cooling costs just by switching to a smart thermostat.

On-the-go Convenience

With a smart thermostat, you no longer need to be standing right at the stat itself to control or adjust your settings. Use mobile apps with your smart, Wi-Fi connected thermostat to adjust your settings or receive alerts about your system whether you are a thousand miles away or simply in the next room.

Energy Monitoring

If you’re curious about exactly how much energy you’re using (and saving!), options like the NEST smart thermostat provides an Energy History report, and will send a Home Report monthly to show when you use the most electricity alongside tips and suggestions for saving energy.

Smart Home Automation

Hey Google! Smart thermostats aren’t just HVAC controls any more. Some options like the Ecobee or Google Nest offer a wide range of convenient features like built-in Alexa or Google Voice Control, Spotify and Bluetooth streaming, hands-free calling and more.


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