4 Reasons to Consider a Whole Home Dehumidifier


In Central Pennsylvania, hot and muggy weather is an unavoidable fact of summer. When you can see and feel that humidity inside your home, it can negatively impact your comfort, the health of your family, the longevity of your home and furniture, and even your energy usage. A Whole Home Dehumidifier installed as part of your home’s heating and cooling system can automatically remove the exact right amount of moisture from every room throughout your house, giving you better comfort and better air quality all year long.  Read on for four reasons why you should consider adding a whole home dehumidifier to your home comfort system:

Health, Allergies, and Asthma

Excess moisture can aggravate allergies and asthma symptoms by creating the perfect breeding ground for mold and insects. According to the EPA, indoor relative humidity should stay between 30 and 60% to reduce mold growth. Dust mites—a major allergy and asthma trigger—can also thrive in environments where the relative humidity exceeds 50%.

Mold and Moisture Damage

High humidity can lead to warping and damage to wood floors and trim. Moisture can also get trapped in carpeting, furniture, and drapes, causing damage over time, leaving a musty smell, or worse, can become an ideal environment for fungal growth. Fragile family heirlooms, like photos, may also be at risk if stored in an area with excessive humidity.

Water Stains & Condensation

In addition to the unsightly look of water spots and stains, condensation and other moisture from the air that reaches your wood flooring, windows, and trim can cause wood to rot, leaving you with soft spots and eventual structural damage.

Bonus Tip: If you’re seeing moisture concentrated in the bathroom, our JK Electricians recommend adding a bathroom exhaust fan, or upgrading to a more powerful fan. However, for control over excess humidity throughout your home, a whole home dehumidifier may be the more practical, efficient, and comfortable solution. Talk to your JK service technician or contact us today to discuss which option best suits your home or business.

Avoid Overcooling & High Utility Bills

In hot and muggy summer weather, oftentimes homeowners will crank the AC and overcool their home in order to compensate for high indoor humidity. However, studies show that most people feel as comfortable in 78-degree air that has been properly dehumidified as in 70-degree air that is too humid, letting you set your thermostat a little higher and save on your utility bill without sacrificing any comfort.

To learn more about whether installing a dehumidifier is the right option for your home or business, contact JK Mechanical’s team of home comfort experts today.


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