Top 10 Coldest Recorded Winters in the United States

February 8th, 2016 by admin

The top 10 coldest winters in the United States certainly make you want to grab a heated blanket and never leave your cozy house again. In order to survive these cold months, Americans experiencing these winter record holders had to put to use heating and energy saving tips. Let’s hope what this weather has in store for us is nothing close to these winters that were experienced in the past.

Winter of 1899:

The Winter of 1899 was the greatest wave of cold weather to ever hit the United States. Every state in the union (45 states at this point in history) experienced temperatures below zero. Dozens of cities recorded record low temperatures that have still not been beaten today. This includes Minnesota (-59), Atlanta (-9), and Louisiana (-16). In Cape May, New Jersey it snowed 34 inches.

Winter of 1936:

It was the coldest winter recorded for the Plains. North Dakota plummeted to -60 degrees and Montana plummeted to -50 degrees. Langdon, North Dakota remained below zero for 41 days straight

Winter 1949:

Snow fell in San Diego and one of only three measurable snowfalls on record in Downtown Los Angeles happened as well. The all-time record low was also set in San Antonio, Texas (0 degrees).

Winter of 1978 – 1979:

A vast majority of the country experienced temperatures 12-16 degrees below the normal amount.

During these cold winter climates, many people had to use energy saving tips in order to keep their homes at their warmest. They sealed windows and doors, an energy tip that can save you 7-8% on your energy bill, in order to keep the warm air in and cold air out.

Winter 1982:

The second coldest game in NFL history was played in Cincinnati, known as the “Freezer Bowl”. A “kickoff” temperature of -9 degrees was recorded. National Gas Lines froze, and 7 million people experienced Brownouts across the nation.

In winter weather it is important to make sure that you have a backup should the power go out. Installing a generator for your home can help you during blizzards when the power goes out. This way pipes won’t freeze, food won’t spoil, and your family can stay comfortable.

Winter 1985:

Ronald Reagan’s second inauguration was the coldest inauguration day in history at 7 degrees. Florida experienced 1.2 billion in damage to their citrus crops.

Winter 1989:

The most destructive freeze happened to California this winter, causing a loss of fifty percent of their citrus crop. Salt Lake City recorded a record 18-day freeze streak.

Winter of 1994:

14 states recorded all-time lows. Harrisburg, Pa recorded -22 degrees Fahrenheit. Pittsburgh, PA broke their previous record held in 1899 and also recorded -22 degrees and broke their record for longest held subzero temperatures at 52 hours. A record seven-day stretch of subzero temperatures were recorded in Massachusetts.

During these times, it is important to not overwork your heater. Make sure to set a standard temperature  for heat, 68 degrees, to save money on energy bills. When you’re away from home, set your temperature at 65 degrees in order to save money but also not freeze your pipes.

Winter 1996:

Tower, Minnesota recorded their state record of -60 degrees on February 2nd. All Minnesota schools were shut down. Fear of natural gas shortage in Northern Illinois prompted the state to reduce consumption.

Winter 2013-2014:

This winter was among the top 5 snowiest on record for 10 major cities. It also hit the Midwest hard, recording the coldest periods of time for seven states.

In order to survive these harsh winters, people had to make sure to keep warm and use energy saving tips so that they could also conserve natural gas and other resources. The importance of being prepared for a winter like this is key. Make sure to get your heating and cooling systems inspected and prepare your home accordingly. For any questions on heating or winter weather tips contact JK Mechanical today.



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