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27 Point Electrical Inspection

Did you know that each year in the U.S. there are between 350,000 and 400,000 house fires? When combined, these fires result in over $8 billion of damage. That’s a frightening number. One of the best ways to protect ourselves is educating ourselves on the most common causes of fires and then looking for ways to protect ourselves. What if I told you that for $149 we could alert you to the potential dangers in your electrical system?

The top 5 (and most manageable) common causes for home fires according to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) are:

  1. Cooking – this accounts for about 40% of all house fires
  2. Kids playing with fire – supervision and education help children understand the risks associated with a lighter or matches
  3. Smoking – dozing off in a chair or bed can result in a catastrophe
  4. Heating – often the result of people not servicing their equipment regularly or using space heaters which overload the electrical system
  5. Electrical – this includes the overuse of extension cords, overloaded circuits and faulty wiring or breakers

As you already know, here at JK Mechanical we advocate for consistent maintenance on heating and cooling systems for many reasons including your comfort, to extend the life of your equipment and for your safety.

Now JK Electrical (a division of JK Mechanical) is pleased to announce that we are offering an electrical inspection for your home to reduce fire risks associated with your electrical service. This 27-point inspection will evaluate where the electricity feeds your home, the panel and breakers, and the outlets and switches. We will also include thermal imaging of your panel box to confirm the health of your breakers. You will receive a full report and a no obligation, on the spot assessment for $149. The whole process – including the sharing of results will take 60-90 minutes and will afford you the peace of mind of knowing that electrical issues that could cause a fire are not brewing outside your home or right under your nose.

In the event that something is identified as a concern and you want it fixed immediately, some small repairs can be made at the time of the visit for a published, reduced fee.

Call us today at 717-371-6611 to schedule your electrical inspection, or email Rob Dippner at

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