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Markets We Serve: Healthcare

At JK Mechanical, we understand that your complex, busy industry needs a team that can prioritize your schedule and meet your unique needs and comfort requirements. We are accustomed to working in sterile settings and private research environments. We bring the utmost amount of respect and reliability so confidentiality is never compromised.

Professional Services for Healthcare Industries

Our team assists medical facilities and hospitals in determining the best HVAC, mechanical, and electrical services so that your company can continue to serve the community in the best way possible. We acknowledge industry-specific needs and have the ability to tailor installations and repairs accordingly. With every project, we strive to maintain patient safety and optimum comfort levels while preserving operational efficiency, all with as little downtime as possible.

We have the expertise and experience to serve new and existing medical facilities including but not limited to hospitals, medical and dental facilities, veterinary clinics, medical training centers, and medical research laboratories.

Have a building in the healthcare market and looking for a new or updated system? Contact us to find one of our professionals who can assist you in finding an effective system that will work for you.

When partnering with JK Mechanical, your medical facility will enjoy:

  • Cost-effective solutions with minimal interruptions
  • New, progressive installations delivering improved energy efficiency and cost savings on utility bills
  • Emergency standby generator services
  • 24/7 emergency service for all of your HVAC and electrical needs
  • Preventative maintenance from skilled technicians

Your healthcare facility will receive cost-effective comfort and air quality so that your patients, staff, and visitors are in an optimal environment.

We Understand Specialized Medical Facility Requirements

When designing an HVAC system for your medical facility, our team carefully analyzes the environmental conditions and functional requirements, understanding that every building has unique needs. In most commercial situations, indoor comfort is priority, but when it comes to healthcare, we want to improve your indoor air quality and alleviate airborne transmission of disease.

At JK Mechanical, we are educated on guidelines pertaining to hospital HVAC and electrical systems. We take special care to ensure filtration, temperature, humidity, air change and exhaust all work to provide the utmost comfort for patients. Rest assured that our installations meet infection control criteria, while maintaining reliability and efficiency.

To discuss energy-saving, cost-efficient HVAC or electrical options for your medical facility, call 717-842-4221 and speak to one of our industry experts.