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Rooftop Air Conditioning System

Design and Build

When constructing a new system for your commercial space, it’s important that your vision is the top priority from start to finish. From the early design stages to installing each piece of equipment, everyone involved in the process needs to understand the idea behind the construction—otherwise, your system won’t be tailored perfectly to your building’s needs.

Instead of searching for a designer who can make your ideas a reality and then taking the time to find a separate builder to implement your vision, JK Mechanical can provide your company with one complete design and build service. Our professional designers and construction teams work together as a single unit to ensure that your commercial HVACsolar, geothermal, or electrical system is exactly what your space needs to be more comfortable and efficient. By consolidating the design and construction processes, we can provide you with a system that functions exactly as you need it to.

Have a design in mind? We can help! Schedule an appointment with our professionals and we can work on getting you exactly what you want.

The Benefits of Design and Build

As the owner of a commercial property, it’s not your responsibility to manage relations between designers and builders—you have more important ways to spend your time. But when the creation of your new system is split between two separate entities, you might find yourself stuck in the middle of misunderstandings and crossed signals that slow down the entire process. However, by utilizing a design and build service, you can completely avoid these complications.

Design and build provides you with just one contract and a single team you can rely on to complete your project successfully. The benefits of choosing a design and build team include:

  • Cohesive project management that will compete your project quickly
  • Cost-efficient methods of building and installing your system
  • Innovative solutions to any design or construction issue
  • Reduced risk due to having only one company responsible for your project
  • Fewer changes over the course of construction/installation

By streamlining the designing and building processes, you can more easily achieve the end result you’re looking for: an efficient system that is seamlessly integrated with your building. Simplify the entire implementation process with JK Mechanical’s design and build service.

Get What You’re Looking For with JK Mechanical

At JK Mechanical, we understand that each building is unique and may pose specific design or construction challenges. We have you covered.

Our professionals can design and install HVAC systems, ductwork, geothermal systems, solar PV paneling, and electrical equipment for any sort of commercial space. By working closely with each other, JK Mechanical designers and expert technicians will keep your building running as efficiently as possible. JK Mechanical has over 35 years of experience in outfitting commercial buildings with top-of-the-line comfort systems, and we can do the same for your building.

If you’re interested in saving time, money, and energy by streamlining your designing and building teams, call JK Mechanical at 717-842-4221. Contact us today to get expert insight about what our design and build service can do for your building.