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At JK Mechanical, we understand that power outages can have a huge impact on your company’s performance and success. Lost power = lost revenue. Even the slightest halt in production could contribute to a loss to your business’ inventory, customers, and even your brand’s reputation.

Costly losses for your business include:

  • Disruption of vital machinery and equipment
  • Loss of heat or AC
  • Inability to work

Severe weather conditions contribute to an overwhelming amount of power outages every year, causing costly losses for businesses across the United States. Sudden power loss could be potentially dangerous to employees as well. Trust JK Mechanical to protect your business from damage caused by unexpected power outages.

Ensure the success of your business by preparing for any type of weather emergency. Install a standby generator today and protect your hard work. See our infographic about preparing for Winter Weather Emergencies in case of a snow day at work!

How They Work

Standby generators take the stress out of stressful weather conditions. Our JK Mechanical standby generators offer a seamless transfer of energy from the original power source to the generator with an automatic quick switch-on functionality. This fast restoration of power keeps your business running smoothly, saving your company time and money.

The benefits of having the added security of a standby generator:

  • Automatic power switch for stress-free on and off functionality
  • Permanent fixture outside of your company’s building
  • Cost efficient
  • Operated by propane or natural gas
  • Professionally installed
  • Emergency protection 24/7

Reliable Generator Services

We provide superior service when it comes to your company’s generator. It is our goal to ensure the success of your business, which means keeping your power running when severe weather conditions would have it otherwise.

We offer reliable:

  • Installations
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance

Keep your business safe and under control with our generators. Our skilled technicians are available today to discuss your company’s options. Just call 717-842-4221 or request a quote here.