Tips for Your Home for Colder Weather

February 16th, 2016 by admin

As the days get colder and we trade our short sleeves for comfy sweaters and our milkshakes for hot coffee it is also important to remember that we need to prepare our homes for the winter weather as well.

Heating your Home

First of all, before the winter even starts it is important to get your heating system inspected to make sure that everything is running properly. If something is broken or clogged what could be an easy fix can cost you a lot on your energy bill.

Also caulking any holes in cracks or holes on the outside of your house and fixing the weather stripping around your windows and doors before the winter months can save your house and you from the harsh cold.

Some easy solutions to keeping more heat in your house is to keep your blinds or drapes closed, except when the windows are in direct sunlight. This prevents heat from escaping. Another good tip is to put draft snakes on window sills, doors, and windows as well. Running paddle fans low and in reverse can circulate warm air better throughout the rooms.

Adding Insulation is another simple solution to saving a lot of money on your energy bill. The extra insulation will keep heat trapped in your house and cause your heat to kick on less. Sealing leaks can save you up to 20% on your next energy bill.

Keeping Pipes Unfrozen

Another huge issue in the winter months is the fact that pipes are more likely to freeze due to the chilling temperatures. It is important to keep your house at a minimum of 65 degrees even if you are away from your home during the winter or go on vacation for a few weeks. If the power should happen to go off make sure to turn the faucets on so that cold and hot water is dripping from it. The flow of the water, even though minimal, will help prevent the pipes from freezing.

Outdoors it is important to disconnect hoses from any outdoor spigots you have. Cover outside spigots with insulating foam covers. Also insulate both hot and cold pipes with foam pipe insulation.

Extreme Weather

Snow may be pretty and certainly not seem like a threat when you’re bundled inside with hot cocoa. However it can quickly take a turn for the worst and turn out to be a nightmare for your home. As the saying goes there’s no controlling the weather, however you can control how prepared you are for the weather.

In the event of a snow storm turning dangerous and knocking the power out it is important to have a backup generator so that you can stay comfortable and so will your house.

Don’t be left out in the cold this winter. JK Mechanical can help you prepare your home for the winter months through heating and electrical services. Should an emergency arise JK Mechanical offers 24/7 emergency services.
Our expert technicians are on call and ready to help with any problems that may arise such as frozen pipes, or a heating system failure. Contact JK Mechanical today for more information on the services we provide and tips on keeping your house comfortable during the winter months.



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